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How Homeowners Rental Insurance Works

Welcome, dear reader, to the delightful journey of insuring your humble abode. We’re about to embark on a whimsical exploration of the magical realm of insurance, specifically the enchanting world of non-payment of rent insurance. Picture this as your armor against the uncertainties of renting out your castle. Our star in this quest is ARAG, the wizard of answers to all your burning questions about home insurance. So, grab your cup of tea, sit back, and let’s unravel the mysteries of securing your kingdom.

Section 1: Non-Payment of Rent Insurance Unveiled

1.1 The Magical Shield: Legal Defense Against the Unknown

Non-payment of rent insurance, in essence, is like the magical shield that protects your castle. It’s a Legal Defense insurance, defending you against the whims of the rental world. From non-payments to squabbles about repairs, it’s your trusty magical ally.

1.2 The Wizardry of ARAG: Beyond Rent Woes

ARAG, our enchanting guide, not only covers non-payment nightmares but dances in the realm of overall rental bliss. Imagine having a wizard by your side, offering advice on lease predicaments, tenant troubles, and even disputes with those cheeky neighbors.

Section 2: Why Choose Non-Payment of Rent Insurance?

2.1 Peace of Mind: A Cup of Calm in Troubled Waters

First and foremost, it’s all about peace of mind. Knowing that ARAG is your wizard in shining armor, ready to solve any rental riddles, brings tranquility. No more tossing and turning worrying about what could go wrong – ARAG has your back.

2.2 Expert Wizards at Your Service

The professionals at ARAG are like wizards specialized in the art of renting. Any rental management hocus-pocus is done with speed and agility. They’re the magical beings making sure your rental journey is smooth and stress-free.

2.3 Money Magic: Saving Your Precious Coins

Let’s talk gold galleons. A claim for non-payment can be a hefty expense, adding to the losses from unpaid rents. With the insurance premium, consider everything covered. It’s like a magical shield that also acts as a money-saving charm.

Section 3: Before You Dive into the Magical Waters of Insurance

3.1 Tenant Solvency Check: The Crystal Ball Gazing

Before you dive into the enchanting waters of non-payment insurance, gaze into the crystal ball of tenant solvency. A little peek into your tenant’s financial realm can save you from potential underwater adventures later.

Section 4: The Magical Coverage of Non-Payment Insurance

4.1 Income Advance: A Magical Safety Net

ARAG doesn’t just stand idly by in case of non-payment. They’re the income advance wizards, ensuring you receive your monthly treasures even when the legal duels are in progress. It’s like a safety net of magical gold.

4.2 Legal Defense Choreography

Imagine legal defense as a finely choreographed ballet. ARAG covers expenses of lawyers, solicitors, and all fees related to rental management. It’s not just protection; it’s a legal dance of elegance.

4.3 Defense Against Vandalism: Shielding Your Castle

Your castle needs protection against mischievous spells. ARAG’s magical cloak extends to compensation for acts of vandalism. It’s like having a magical shield against the spells of unruly tenants.

4.4 Lock and Locksmith Magic: Securing Your Realm

In the event of eviction, ARAG’s magic extends to lock and locksmith expenses. Consider it the magical locksmith ready to secure your realm. No more worrying about who holds the keys.

4.5 Lawyers on Call: A Telephone Legal Potion

Ever wished for a hotline to solve legal mysteries? ARAG offers a telephone legal service, a potion to dissolve any legal queries. It’s like having a direct line to the wizardry of legal advice.

Section 5: The Cost of Magic: How Much for Rental Insurance?

5.1 The Magical Treasure Map

The cost of non-payment insurance varies, like a treasure map leading to your pot of gold. It’s a flexible potion, adapting to your needs. Landlords can choose coverage for up to 18 months, but most prefer the 12-month charm.

5.2 Gold Galleons and Wise Choices

On average, the cost ranges between 3% and 5% of your annual rental income. Choose wisely, for the size of your gold galleon depends on factors like coverage duration, your castle’s location, and the charms you add to the policy.

Section 6: Requirements for the Magical Insurance Contract

6.1 Solvency Spells: A Crucial Study

To enter the magical realm of insurance, a solvency study of your tenant is a must. Tenants must not allocate more than 40% of their net income to rent. Guarantors may join the study if the tenant’s financial potion needs a boost.

6.2 Documentation Spells: The Paperwork Dance

Gather the magical documents for a successful contract. For employees, payslips, employment contracts, and IDs are your spell ingredients. Self-employed wizards need IRPF, Social Security payments, and ID potions. Pensioners, bring forth your pension certificates and IDs.

Section 7: Renting Your Castle: A Magical Journey with ARAG

7.1 Guardian of Monthly Payments

Renting your castle? ARAG is the guardian of your monthly treasures. With non-payment insurance, forget the worries, ARAG’s wizards are there to claim and defend your rights.


In the enchanting realm of renting, ARAG’s non-payment insurance emerges as the hero of the story. It’s not just about protecting your kingdom from financial storms; it’s a magical journey of peace, expert guidance, and financial security. So, if you’re preparing to rent your castle, let ARAG be your magical companion, weaving spells of protection and ensuring your rental tale is one of bliss and prosperity. Cheers to insuring your castle with a touch of British magic!

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