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How to check CTP – we identify a fake policy

Ah, the world of insurance policies—a realm filled with mystery, paperwork, and the occasional head-scratching. Today, we’re unraveling the enigma of CTP policies, those magical scrolls that promise to shield you from the chaos of car accidents. But, dear reader, beware! For in this realm, there are fakes, forgeries, and insurance tricksters. Fear not, though, for armed with wit and wisdom, you shall learn the art of distinguishing the real deal from the shams.

Section 1: Unmasking the Authenticity

1.1 The Visual Charm of a Genuine CTP Policy

When you first lay eyes on your shiny new CTP policy, channel your inner Sherlock and observe closely. A genuine policy has its own quirks:

  • Size Matters: Lay it next to an A4 sheet. The policy should strut about 10 mm longer, asserting its dominance.
  • A Touch of Color: On the front, behold a greenish-blue micromesh, like the wizardry of a magical inkwell spread across the entire surface.
  • Reverse Revelation: Flip it over, and there it is—a slim 2 mm strip on the right side, a secret handshake of authenticity.
  • Paper Play: Examine the paper; red fibers should dance like confetti, scattered across the document’s entirety.
  • Watermark Whimsy: Hold it to the light, and witness watermarks performing a dance depicting the emblem of the “Russian Union of Motor Insurers.”
  • Paint Quality: After fondling your policy (oh, behave!), inspect your hands. No colored stains, please. We’re talking insurance, not finger painting.
  • Number’s Knack: Reach for the upper-right corner, where the policy number resides. It should be confidently convex under your fingertips.

By observing these quirks, you’ll suss out a genuine CTP policy without the need for databases. Fraudsters, after all, are unlikely to put on such an elaborate masquerade for the low cost of fake forms.

1.2 The Database Dance

But, dear reader, do not rest on your visual laurels. Enter the database, a treasure trove of insurance truths. Here’s how you waltz through it:

  • Know Thy Series: Note the policy series—CCC, EEE, or BBB. It’s your golden ticket to this digital kingdom.
  • Form Fun: Enter the form number exactly as it parades on your letterhead. No creative spelling here, Sherlock.

Section 2: What Revelations Await

2.1 Peek Behind the Database Curtain

Once you’ve summoned the courage to consult the database, a plethora of revelations awaits:

  • Status Spectacle: Is your policy living its best life, labeled as “stolen,” “lost,” “from the insurer,” or the cozy “from the policyholder”? All is well if it lounges in the latter category.
  • Insurer Intel: Discover the insurer who birthed your policy. A nifty trick to ensure you haven’t unintentionally adopted a policy from the back alley of the insurance world.
  • Date of Sale Delight: Find the date you and your policy first locked eyes. It’s the beginning of your grand insurance adventure.
  • Start and End Date Drama: When does the insurance fiesta begin, and when does the curtain fall? The database knows.

Remember, if you’re vetting a CTP policy you’re eyeing for purchase, the fields “date of sale,” “start date of action,” and “end date” should be pristine and empty. If they’re cluttered, step back, dear reader, for that policy might already be living a secret life or is, heaven forbid, a stolen treasure.

Section 3: When the Fake CTP Policy Comes Knocking

But what if, against all odds, you uncover a fraudulent CTP policy? Fear not, for we have a plan:

  • Online Odyssey: Check authenticity online if you’re the proud owner of internet access. A few minutes and a cup of tea later, you’ll have your answer.
  • Blank Policy Banter: When dealing in the world of CTP policies, never accept a blank form. It’s the insurance equivalent of buying a pig in a poke.
  • Price Predicament: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of deals that sing a different tune than the indicated amount on the form.
  • Protection Checklist: Ensure your potential policy flaunts all the protective measures. No watermark? No deal. No 2 mm strip? Walk away. Insurance is serious business, and a lack of safety features is the reddest of flags.

And remember, the responsibility doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of the trickster seller; you, too, could find yourself in legal hot water, facing fines or even imprisonment if caught with a fake policy. Save yourself the drama, both financial and legal, by being a savvy insurance shopper.

Section 4: Ordering Online? A Digital Sherlock’s Guide

If you’re venturing into the world of online policy ordering, fear not. The digital realm has its own clues:

  • Agent Inquiry: Ask your agent for the form number and the insurance company’s name. It’s like a digital handshake.
  • Database Dive: Use the “PCA” database, enter the number, and discover which insurer proudly claims your policy.
  • Name Match Magic: If the company names align, inspect the “Date of Sale” and “Commencement of action” fields. They should be as empty as a Monday morning office.

And for those embracing the help of intermediaries, do a background check. Google is your friend; reviews are your allies. If the intermediary’s closet is filled with negative reviews and shady tales, it’s best to make a swift exit.


And there you have it, dear reader—a comprehensive guide to navigating the labyrinth of CTP policies. Armed with this knowledge, you’re not just a car owner; you’re an insurance detective, a guardian of genuine policies in a world of insurance shenanigans. So, go forth, check those policies, and drive with the confidence of one who knows a real CTP policy from a forgery. May your insurance adventures be genuine and your journeys accident-free! Cheers to insurance wisdom!

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