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Run Your Business Legally with a Business Lawyer

  • Hire a business lawyer to ensure your company’s legal compliance from inception to operation.
  • The services of a business lawyer cover contract drafting, tax advice, corporate restructuring, and M&A transactions.
  • Choose an experienced lawyer, arrange an initial consultation to assess their human qualities and consider the necessary financial investment.

The operation of a company is based on several axes. Legal law is certainly one of the most important areas, since it allows the company to carry out its activity legally. However, there are also aspects of taxation and contract management, which are also of paramount importance. Therefore, as a company director, it is necessary to be accompanied by a specialist in these issues. The business lawyer acts as a reference. What can be its contribution to the smooth running of your structure?

  • Know When to Hire a Business Lawyer for Legal Compliance
  • What services can a business lawyer provide you?
    • Drafting contracts and tax advice
    • Corporate restructuring and M&A transactions
  • How to choose the right business lawyer for your structure?
    • The experience of a business lawyer
    • The First Meeting
    • Business Lawyer’s Fees

Know When to Hire a Business Lawyer for Legal Compliance

The creation and operation of a company are governed by legal rules. They underpin the life of the company and confront the manager with his obligations and responsibilities. Adherence to these requirements ensures the company’s legal compliance. It also requires the intervention of a specialist in corporate legal issues: the business lawyer.
As a decision-maker, you can call on a business lawyer when you set up your firm. He makes sure that you respect the formality inherent in the creation of a company. At this stage, he will advise you on the most suitable legal form for your objectives. However, this high-ranking lawyer is also called upon to intervene during the life of the company itself.
Indeed, the legal compliance of a company is assessed at its creation, but also in the exercise of its activity. It takes into account legal, social, fiscal and even patrimonial aspects. This means that, in reality, the assistance of a business law firm such as Alcée Avocats is necessary from the creation of the company until its cessation of activity.

What services can a business lawyer provide you?

The expertise of the lawyer specializing in business law covers a very wide field. If he is in charge of drafting the company’s articles of association, his services cannot be reduced to that.

Drafting contracts and tax advice

In fact, the business lawyer also offers negotiation services. In concrete terms, it is possible to call on its expertise when negotiating contracts with your suppliers and partners, in order to protect the company’s interests. Negotiations in this case cover both international and national contracts.

In addition to his qualities as a fine negotiator, this expert in business law takes care of the drafting of the company’s contracts. In this way, it guarantees its lawfulness, in accordance with the legal requirements in force. As a specialist in corporate taxation, he advises you on the tax policy to adopt to optimize your taxation, while being in line with the provisions of the General Tax Code.
The business lawyer also manages your tax returns, and assists you during tax audits. As an intermediary between the tax authorities and you, this sworn lawyer assists and represents you in the event of a tax adjustment.

Corporate restructuring and M&A transactions

Restructuring is a procedure that is sometimes necessary for the survival of a company. The services of a business lawyer are highly recommended in such a delicate context. Indeed, the restructuring of a company obeys rules.
It also requires the structure to conduct negotiations with different actors. These are all implications that the business lawyer masters, and for which he knows how to conduct the necessary due diligence. He will advise you and suggest structural solutions to get your business back to normal operations.
As part of its development, a legal entity may consider an M&A. Although advantageous and sometimes necessary, this operation is nevertheless delicate and subtle. To ensure that it runs smoothly and legally, the expertise of the business lawyer is required. He leads negotiations with new partners and ensures the legal compliance of the transaction. The business lawyer is also called upon to represent you before the courts.

How to choose the right business lawyer for your structure?

Given the strategic role of the business lawyer in the life of a company, the choice of this legal advice must be well thought out. This requires many modalities to be taken into account.

The experience of a business lawyer

To support and advise your legal entity, the business lawyer must have a certain amount of experience. Indeed, several legal situations can arise in the operation of a company. It is thanks to his experience that the lawyer will be able to understand them and define the course of action to be taken to deal with them effectively.
To find an experienced business lawyer, you can rely on their years of specialization and practice in business law. The lawyer’s references will also be decisive. They will make it possible to assess the companies he has already advised in the past, and the nature of the cases for which he has litigated.
In addition, the experience of a business lawyer is also assessed by his or her reputation in the field. Reputation is indeed an essential factor in the world of the liberal legal professions. It goes hand in hand with the experience and competence of the business lawyer. To be referred to an experienced business law firm, you can approach your local law society.

The First Meeting

Before choosing your law firm, you can arrange an initial consultation. The purpose of the interview will be to discuss with the lawyer, to introduce him or her to your company and what you expect from him. During this consultation, you will be able to ask the lawyer about his or her experiences and availability.
This consultation is also an opportunity for you to appreciate the human qualities of your legal advice. During this exchange, they will also be able to tell you about their requirements and the ways in which they work with companies. In particular, the issue of fees will be addressed. At the end of this exchange, each party will be set on the expectations of the other.

Business Lawyer’s Fees

As a company, you are certainly bound by budget restrictions. However, this should not be a reason to bet on the cheapest law firm. Consider hiring a business lawyer as an investment and put the right resources into it.
Business lawyers are known for charging sometimes substantial fees. However, for companies with which the relationship is supposed to be established over the long term, they can be flexible. They usually offer a subscription package, the amount of which depends on the prestige of the firm and its experience.

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