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What is the role of a family law lawyer?

  • The role of a lawyer¬†specializing in family law¬†is to intervene in family matters and to provide expertise on issues related to personal law.
  • He can be called upon to resolve family conflicts, advise in daily life and draw up certain deeds.
  • In the event of litigation, he legally represents his clients before the Family Affairs Judge and intervenes in cases of divorce, child custody, domestic violence or inheritance disputes.

Family law is one of the many specialties of law. It is on the basis of this diversity that lawyers specialize according to the branches. So, as much as you can use a criminal lawyer, you may need a lawyer who specializes in family law. The latter is competent to intervene in family matters and provides you with his expertise in the field if necessary. What are its role and missions? Read this article to find out.

A specialist in personal and family law

A family lawyer is a legal professional who, upon completion of his or her training, has chosen to specialize in family and personal issues. You can call on him in the event of a family conflict, as well as you can call on his expertise in everyday life, for specific cases.
As we have already said, it has jurisdiction to intervene in matters relating to the rights of individuals. By this we mean issues related to nationality, civil status certificates, minor or adult children under guardianship or curatorship. In family law, her expertise includes disputes related to couples and divorce, as well as contentious and non-contentious situations related to children: filiation, adoption, parental authority and custody.
Family law lawyers may establish themselves as independents in their own firms, or they may practise in collaboration or association with other lawyers with or without the same specialty, within a firm.

What are the duties of a family law lawyer?

You can use a family law lawyer in your day-to-day life, without necessarily being involved in litigation. In this case, he has an advisory mission and drafts certain documents for you. He will advise and support you in choosing the most suitable matrimonial regime for you and will draw up your marriage contract, for example.
In the absence of litigation, this family law professional can work to reconcile your interests as an ex-spouse if you are separated. He is also involved in the drafting of agreements related to the PACS and advises you in cases of adoption and recognition of paternity. It also has the power to intervene in inheritance matters.
In litigation matters, the family law lawyer is your legal representative before the Family Affairs Judge. In the event of a breakdown between spouses and civil partners, they can also intervene. If you want to have custody of your child after a divorce, they are the ones to go to.

The same applies if you want to negotiate your visitation rights, compensatory allowance or alimony. Are you concerned about the division of property in a community of property after divorce? Just hire a lawyer who specializes in family law. Are you a victim or accused of domestic violence? They can defend your interests, as in the case of an inheritance dispute where your rights have been ignored.

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