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why do i choose the profession of a lawyer pros of the legal profession

Why do I choose the profession of a lawyer? Surely this question worries the minds of many young men and women who should soon receive a certificate of maturity. In general, the choice of a specialty through which a person plans to “get a piece of bread” is a responsible and serious matter. And young people who are at the crossroads of what to do professionally in the future should take into account three circumstances. First, the chosen field of activity should be of interest to the graduate of the school. Secondly, the profession must be in demand in the labor market. Well, and thirdly, the chosen type of activity should be correlated with the available opportunities. And if you dream of a career as a lawyer or judge, then without certain qualities, the dream will remain a dream.


Those young people who are trying to understand: “Why do I choose the profession of a lawyer?” should understand that for many centuries this field of activity has been prestigious. Since the formation of the Roman state, a legal system began to form, which was the basis for all others.

Lawyer in modern conditions

Today, many people answer the question of why I choose the profession of a lawyer: “Because it is prestigious today, and my parents advised me to become a notary.” Of course, they are right, but you can’t go to law just because it’s a highly paid field of activity. It should also be borne in mind that for many a lawyer is a vocation. The salaries of investigators and investigators are relatively small and, of course, graduates of police academies are employed as detectives not in order to become rich and famous, but to provide real assistance in reducing crime. Of course, the labor market today is oversaturated with specialists in the field of law. But the profession of a legal adviser is in demand today more than ever. But real professionals in their field can be “counted on the fingers”. Currently, there is a certain percentage of those who did not particularly think about the question: “Why do I choose the profession of a lawyer”? Their fate and future career were taken care of by wealthy parents, who in advance procured a “warm” place for their offspring in a solid company.

Such boys and girls do not bother to attend lectures and seminars, passing the session for a “bribe”. Of course, they will receive a diploma, but which of them will be specialists later? Who will they then be able to protect from criminal prosecution? This problem is now taking on gigantic proportions

Description of the profession

So, today, few people can clearly articulate the reasons why I chose the profession of a lawyer. An essay on this topic could be included in the school curriculum for high school students, so that everyone could realize how exactly they can help people by becoming a prosecutor or a lawyer. A lawyer in a broad sense is a specialist who understands all branches of legal science. He is an investigator, a notary, a lawyer, a legal adviser, and a prosecutor all rolled into one. All these legal specialists are consolidated by their knowledge of the legislative framework and the ability to apply it in practice.

Of course, even the most experienced and authoritative expert in the field of law should know for himself: “Why did I choose the profession of a lawyer”? An essay in which a detailed answer to this question would be given would not hurt to recommend writing to first-year students of universities that train specialists in jurisprudence. An expert in the field of jurisprudence should not only be able to find the right law and apply it correctly. No wonder they say: “Do not be treated by a doctor who climbed into books, and do not leave a lawyer who does it.” The skill of “remembering everything” comes later.

He must also know how to obtain evidence and evidence in the case and, on the basis of them, correctly qualify an act. And of course, a lawyer must have certain qualities, which will be mentioned above.


Of course, quite often a young person can ask himself the question: “Why do I want to be a lawyer?”

An essay on this topic has already been written and more than one. And in fairness, it should be noted that not all boys and girls find the above specialty necessary and in demand. Say, the result of the work of a lawyer for humanity in the broad sense of the word is practically invisible. Well, it helped one person to avoid criminal liability – did this make it easier for society? And here, it would seem, beginners in the field of jurisprudence may have doubts about the correctness of the decision once made, they say: “Why did I choose this profession of a lawyer?” But, in reality, the above position is fundamentally erroneous, because if there is an opportunity to help at least one individual, then life has not been lived in vain. In a sense, a lawyer is comparable to a doctor who can cure a person if he has health problems. A lawyer, on the other hand, helps people if people have problems with the law. The life of a modern person is so unpredictable that it can be very difficult to protect oneself from diseases and offenses. As the saying goes: “Do not renounce from the bag and from prison.”

And yet, you need to try to be a law-abiding citizen.


So, the young man declares: “I have chosen the profession of a lawyer.” And what prospects does it bring him? Money, fame, a “good” career? Absolutely, yes. But only on condition that the young man will be a real guru in the field of law. The Society has always respected professional lawyers. Suffice it to recall such surnames as Plevako and Koni. It so happened that at present in our country, people with a legal education primarily apply for highly paid and prestigious vacancies. There are many examples when ordinary legal advisers, showing special diligence and gaining valuable experience, turned into authoritative judges and attorneys general. Naturally, they made their way up the career ladder, taking care of the impeccable reputation and revealing the most high-profile cases. In general, the advantages of the legal profession are obvious. Who is not tempted by fame, money and high positions in large companies. But we must not forget about what is interesting about the profession of a lawyer.


Today, higher legal education is a launching pad in order to realize oneself in many spheres of life. A huge number of lawyers find their vocation in scientific, teaching, public service, and politics. They also become businessmen, bankers, competent managers of commercial structures. It is quite understandable why people choose the profession of a lawyer? But again, only those specialists in the field of law who perfectly know the laws, have a broad outlook, know how to conduct business negotiations, and competently resolve conflict situations can realize themselves in prestigious professions. Moreover, the range of specialties in which lawyers successfully conduct business is expanding today.

New horizons

There are new areas of activity to protect consumer rights, protect the market from unfair competition, and protect copyrights. And we are talking about increasing vacancies, where you can’t do without special knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. For many, this is another weighty argument in favor of why I chose the profession of a lawyer. And law enforcement agencies are now in dire need of qualified personnel. A significant jump in the crime rate against the backdrop of numerous social processes of a negative nature forced the state apparatus to expand the number of investigators, operational staff and the number of prosecutors.

It should be taken into account that when employed, potential employers give preference to young professionals who have graduated from well-known universities, but this does not mean that graduates of “ordinary” educational institutions do not have a chance to get a position as a legal adviser in a prestigious company.


Of course, the question on the topic: “Why did I choose the profession of a lawyer?” for a certain part of young people – yesterday’s schoolchildren remains debatable. But, it should be emphasized once again that not every boy or girl (even if they really want it) is destined to become a professional in the field of law. Often from representatives of the younger generation you can hear: “My future profession is a lawyer.” But then they pass the entrance exams to the university, receive the coveted diploma and turn out to be unfit or, at best, very “mediocre” specialists. Why is this happening? Why do some “grow” experienced detectives, while others turn out to be “would-be lawyers” who do not even know what the Basic Law of our country is called. It’s all about the qualities possessed by a person who decided to devote himself to jurisprudence. Professions such as judge, prosecutor or lawyer are required to conform. Lawyers who apply for them must have a high level of intellectual development, be stress-resistant, sociable, have organizational skills, master oratory, and so on. Also, in the profession of a lawyer, it is very important to have a certain level of social adaptation.


Of course, for more than one year, the lawyer will appear in the top of prestigious specialties. Today, specialists of this profile are needed by almost every company engaged in business. But only true experts in jurisprudence, who clearly know why they came to this profession, will be in demand.

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