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Why is it profitable to insure?

From the news on Channel One you can regularly learn that somewhere a house collapsed due to a domestic gas explosion, that a crane or a piece of balcony fell on someone, that a flood flooded dozens of villages, or that selfie lovers fell from a great height. There are dangers at every step. Most of them can be insured.

What can you insure?

In short, a lot. From a mobile phone and a bank card to a person’s life. In this case, we are necessarily protected only:

  • In the system of compulsory medical and social insurance (allows you to be treated in clinics and hospitals, receive compensation for sick leave).
  • In public transport (damages will be compensated in case of a bus accident, train collision or plane crash).
  • In a car – every driver is required to have a compulsory motor liability insurance policy, which guarantees payment in case of damage to life and health in the amount of up to 500 thousand rubles. and up to 400 thousand rubles. for damaged property.

Despite this, everyone understands that if you get sick, the test will be waiting for many hours to see a therapist at a local clinic, God forbid, treatment in a city or rural hospital or compensation of 500 thousand rubles. hit pedestrian. At the same time, there are many alternatives, for which you can pay from several hundred to several thousand rubles, and then receive payments worth millions of rubles from the insurance company.

How to protect life and health?

Risks: various diseases, fractures, injuries, disability, death and other troubles. Policy cost: from 189 rubles. up to 30 thousand rubles. Possible benefit: up to 3 million rubles.

Insurance companies offer many options for life and health insurance. Those who want to ensure their life for a year can pay only 189 rubles. for the policy. If an insured event occurs, the compensation will be 500 thousand rubles.

In recent years, additional health insurance (VHI) has been gaining popularity. It allows you to receive services in private clinics and hospitals. By paying from 3 thousand to 30 thousand rubles for the policy, you will have the opportunity to undergo an examination, take tests and receive the necessary treatment, as well as call specialists to your home throughout the year. You can also buy voluntary health insurance with dental protection, which will allow you to have your entire mouth treated by a good specialist for little money.

The older a person gets, the more important it becomes to purchase a policy that protects life and health. 

The cost of the policy directly depends on the maximum payment for damage or on the set of included services. If we are talking about health insurance, then the policy pays for itself in a few visits to a specialist.

How to protect an apartment or house?

Risks: fire, electrical short circuit, flooding by neighbors or leaking roof, explosion, wall collapse, etc.

Policy cost: from 550 rubles. up to 10 thousand rubles

Possible benefit: 10 thousand – 10 million rubles.

For most Russians, housing is the greatest material value in life. Everyday apartments and houses are exposed to internal and external risks. It is not always possible to minimize them, for example, to protect yourself from a hurricane or flood, but it is certainly easy to buy an insurance policy. The cheapest costs only 549 rubles. (at the VTB Insurance company). It will protect the decoration of the premises and all items inside the apartment for 100 thousand rubles, and if your neighbors are flooded due to your fault, the company will pay up to 50 thousand rubles.

The cost of the policy is tied to the maximum payment amount. A full-fledged policy to protect an apartment from fire and other risks in the amount of 3 million rubles. will cost about 3 thousand rubles, and if we are talking about a large cottage, you will have to pay 10 thousand rubles per year. This is approximately how much good wallpaper costs for hanging in one room.


Risks: trip cancellation, flight delay, loss of luggage, injury and illness on vacation or on a business trip, damage to other people.

Policy cost: from 100 rubles. up to 5000 rub. Possible benefit: up to 50 thousand dollars/euro.

The collapsed ruble made foreign holidays twice as expensive. Despite this, most of those who traveled will continue voyages abroad. Purchasing an insurance policy is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to many countries. This is not a formal rule, but a desire of foreign governments to save guests from heavy expenses. While on vacation, you may get a cold, a toothache, a broken arm, and many other unpleasant things that you often don’t want to think about.

An ambulance calls in Thailand can cost $150, and in the US – $1,500. A bad tooth in America can be pulled out or healed for $500; for help with a broken leg in Norway you have to pay an average of 5 thousand euros. Convert this money into rubles and quickly feel the benefits.


Risks: car damage and theft, harm to other motorists, hitting a pedestrian.

Policy cost: DSAGO – from 1.5 thousand to 8 thousand rubles, comprehensive insurance – from 15 thousand to 120 thousand rubles. Possible benefit: up to 3 million rubles.

You can steal almost any car in at least 10 seconds. After they expire, you can forget about hundreds of thousands (or millions) of rubles spent on a car. CASCO insurance allows you to protect against theft. For 5-10% of the cost of the car per year, the policy will serve as a guarantee of payment in the event of theft or damage to the vehicle. Insurance will pay even for minor scratches on the car, for example, if pigeons have breakfast on the hood. The cost of a policy varies greatly depending on the insurance company. A special calculator will help you save and choose the best offer.

For those who are afraid of accidentally hitting a pedestrian or getting into an accident with a very expensive car, the DSAGO policy will help, which increases payments to 2-3 million rubles for little money. Often the policy is purchased together with mandatory MTPL insurance.

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